Thong Nai Pan Estate

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Koh Phangan, the land of moonlight and mystery. Come lie on a deserted beach and absorb the unspoilt beauty of this island paradise. The sand is silky smooth and warm against your tanned skin. Take a swim in the clear waters, and then refresh yourself with a sip from a cool mixed drink. The stresses and worries of real life will be a distant memory. You are in Koh Phangan now, the land where relaxation and hedonism are elevated to an art.

Whether you are the kind of traveler who wishes to explore the hidden depths of a mysterious country or only want a beautiful place that will pamper your every whim, Koh Phangan has just what you need.

Koh Phangan is where the savvy luxury traveler can be amongst the first to stay in the newly built world-class resorts. It is where the adventurous backpacker can find mysterious ruins deep in the mist-shrouded rainforest. It is where the budget traveler can stay in a simple bungalow and take in one of the most beautiful full moon-rises in the world.



Koh Phangan has been a hidden haven for the discerning tourist and budget backpacker since the 60's. People found their way to Koh Phangan largely through word of mouth until the 1990's, when the full moon parties introduced this pristine island to the wider world. Once visitors found the sparkling waters, the calm, laid-back way of life, the gorgeous sunsets and moonrises, and the lush beauty of the interior, Koh Phangan became the must-see destination for the worldly tourist in the world.  




Average                   Jan     Feb     Mar     Apr     May     Jun     Jul       Aug     Sep     Oct     Nov     Dec

 Temp. C                 25.5   26.3   27.7     29.0   28.6     28.2   28.1    27.9     27.5     27.2   26.3     25.4  


Rainfall   mm            37.5   8.1     11.7   62.5   185.5   112.8 142.8 123.2   209.3   260.1   302.2   98.2


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