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                                                          THE PROJECT


Thong Nai Pan Estate is developed by our Thai company Thong Nai  Pan Housing Development Co.Ltd. 

Our development project is located at the south eastern end of Thong Nai Pan yai beach in Koh Phangan, Thailand.

Thong Nai Pan yai is located at the north eastern corner of Koh Phangan, and is one of the most beautiful beaches on the island and throughout Thailand. Thong Nai Pan yai is also one of the few safe all year swimming beaches in this area of Thailand. 

We have purchased about 10000m2 land for our development on the headland at the eastern end of Thong Nai Pan yai beach. The actual name of the headland is “Laem Tham Thong Rak” which translates to “The headland of the golden love cave”. 

Our project land is situated from the top of the headland and sloping gently towards the beach. The distance to the beach is about 200 meters or about 350-400 meters on the road. The development will consist of 10pcs of 2 story villas with 5 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms, 4pcs single story villa with 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms and a large common area with a huge multi depth infinity edge swimming pool, a small children splash pool, children’s playground, a barbeque area and a clubhouse with restaurant, bar, and a reception. All the houses will have its own piece of land with a Nor Sor Sam Gor or Channote title deed. 

13 of the houses will have an incredibly nice view over the post card beauty of Thong Nai Pan yai bay and beach with the sunset directly in to the terraces, while the last house and the swimming pool area will have an unobstructed ocean view.  

All houses and common areas will be built to very high specification and will rival very luxurious houses built on the neighbor island of Koh Samui or Koh Phuket, but at a much lower cost. 

The construction of the “off site infrastructure” like the road, 3 phase high voltage electricity and water supply started in September 2007, and is done under the supervision of the local company Village Green Development co.Ltd. 

We have chosen the renowned Phuket based company C-Con Phuket Co.Ltd for all architectural and engineering drawings and plans. C-Con Phuket Co.Ltd have constructed many of the very high end developments in Phuket over the past 13 years. Their architectural and engineering work started in September 2007 as well. 

The construction of a show house, all sold houses and the swimming pool with pool deck will start early 2008. Our goal is that this part of the construction will be finished before January 2009. All sold houses will have construction start shortly after the contracts with the owners have been signed. Construction time for each house will be around 10-12 months. 

We will offer all future owners to participate in our rental pool. We will market the houses for rent through our network of agents, and through internet and advertisement. We will offer a complete furniture package for the owners interested to participate in our rental pool. 

Please contact us for a visit to the property and for further information.

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