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                                                  TWO STORY VILLA


             The two story villas will be built as 5 bedroom and 4 bathroom high quality, exclusive villas with a total size of about 250m2.


THONG NAI PAN ESTATE BUILDING DESCRIPTION TWO STORY VILLA                                                                                                                                                    
Concrete pad foundation
Reinforced concrete beam and column structure
Pre-cast concrete planks topped with 0.05m concrete for internal "dry" floors
0.10m thick solid reinforced concrete for external and "wet" floors (terrace, WC, etc)

Reinforced concrete columns (0.20 x 0.20) m
Exterior clad in sandstone to above window header height; then wood look
(8x1)" Conwood plank
Interior flush with walls

Concrete block 0.2 m thick
Smooth plaster render interior
Course plaster render exterior
Bathrooms and laundry room tiled from floor to ceiling with Ivory white granitto tiles (0.30 x 0.30)m

Master Bedrooms: Recon Merbau tongue & groove engineer board (0.15 x 1.50)m
Bedrooms: Ivory white granitto tiles (0.60 x 0.60)m
Bathrooms and laundry rom: Dark grey granitto tiles (0.30 x 0.30)m
Hall Stairs & Landing: Merbau tongue & groove parquet (0.15 x 1.50)m
Living Room: Recon Merbau tongue & groove engineer board (0.15 x 1.50)m
Kitchen: Recon Merbau tongue & groove engineer board (0.15 x 1.50)m
Terraces: "COTTO © PL Beige Wood Plank" granitto tiles (12 x 24)"

Ground Floor ceiling in rendered gypsum with recessed "light step"; as per ceiling detail
First Floor ceiling in rendered gypsum with recessed "light step"; as per ceiling detail
Bathroom ceilings in rendered waterproof gypsum board fastened to the underside of the beams.

Roof beams and rafters from galvanized steel.
Modern style Thai kite shaped roof tiles from Ayara with roof insulation system.
Extra water proofing made with aluminum Composite Panel which incorporates modified polyethylene plastic core layer in the middle, and encloses with nonflammable aluminum layers on both sides.
Rain-Gutter system for rain water collection

Down-lights set into gypsum board ceiling
30 Amp meter 3 phase+ neutral
Wire in conduit, Dimmer switches throughout
Safety cut system
Smoke Alarms and Fire Extinguishers included
European type earth fault/residual type circuit breakers shall be used for all circuits.
4x16mm2 underground type power cable to be supplied including installation from the nearest sub-switchboard located by the road in the near vicinity of the plot

Storage of rainwater
UPVC septic tanks; AEROTOL-30 ©
Hot and cold water plumbing throughout
Dual flush water saver toilets (Extra large)
Toilet, Sink, Mirror 1, Mirror 2, Faucets Sink, Bath, Shower, Sanitary Hose, 
Shower Head, Connector Hose, Under Sink U-Bend, Drainage Grate, Towel Ring, 
Towel Bar,Soap Holder, Paper Holder, Shower Enclosure, Bath Tub. 

Hot water distributed throughout the villa. 
The hot water supply is supplied from a solar hot water panel mounted on the roof, with a 300 liter hot water tank mounted under the roof. The hot water tank does also have a 3200W back-up electrical heater.

Equivalent of SUNPARADISE© aluminum windows, folding doors and sliding doors and frames for exterior. 
Main Entrance Door (Solid Teakwood with Asian Design) To be proposed 
Interior Door (Engineered Door with design) To be proposed
Clear glass
Front door carved solid hardwood with Asian design

Alkaline resistant acrylic undercoat 1 coat JOTUN© or equivalent / better
Acrylic top coat 2 coats JOTUN© or equivalent / better
All wood treated with Shelldrite insecticide and mould repellent JOTUN© or equivalent / better.

Extractor fans in all bathrooms and laundry.
Concealed Air-Con ducted in Living Room, Dining Room & both Master bedroom's.
Living Room, Dining Room & both Master bedroom's. 
Small Bed Room's 12,000 BTU each (Split unit)

Shelve for 32” TV in Master bedroom wardrobe.
Safe (Hotel Type) in all Bedrooms wardrobe.
Cabinetry to be in Laminated Door Finishing & Cabinet Internal Wall (wood color). 
Wardrobes in veneer trimming and laminate surface (wood color).
Furniture fitting from Blum, hettich or hafele

The kitchen will be high quality European style with plenty of cabinet space. 
All cabinets will have MDF material front doors. The color can be chosen
from the manufacturer wood color range.
All appliances will be built in type. Included appliances are: combined large 
fridge and freezer, electric hob, electric oven, microwave oven, ventilator
and dishwasher machine. 

Shading from roof overhang 1.5 m on all 4 sides.
Water Recycle System & Gray Water Tank and fresh water tank including pumps.
Car park, walkway to entrance, grass, landscape and hedges,
Stainless steel terrace railing.

The construction is based on high quality material and workmanship.

Thong Nai Pan Housing Development Co. Ltd
Co/ NSP Q Laws Firm
142/52 moo4 Maret
Koh Samui, Suratthani
Thailand 84310

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