Thong Nai Pan Estate

Invest in your dreams


When you purchase one of our properties you are investing in far more than a house and land near the sea. You're investing in our high return concept. A villa built to the highest international standards, designed with quality in mind and a focus on a natural balanced feeling. 
With purity, calmness, tranquility and luxury at the forefront. Investing in Thong Nai Pan Estate means professional personal service, security, relaxation and of course a secure investment.


We will ensure our clients the best possible security for their investment. We will sell all our properties as freehold properties. This will give you full freedom of action for your property for ever.

If our client is not a Thai national or have a Thai spouse, they will need to form a Thai company in order to own the land freehold in Thailand. You, as a foreigner, will have many options with a Thai Co. Ltd. The most common way to own a property as a foreigner is to lease the land from your own company and keep the company as a dormant company. Your company will need to turn in a balance sheet and pay some taxes every year. This is not expensive for a dormant company, and will be around THB 25-30.000 (about USD 1000,-) each year including accountant services and taxes. Normally you have an accounting firm to do this for you.

We will have separate building permits for each piece of land. Each piece of land will have Chanote or Nor Sor 3 gor title deed. When you buy a piece of land and a house from us, we will transfer the building permit to your company before the house is finished in order to save you from high government taxes. We will of course finish the house according to a very secure contract for you.

We can offer you a full legal package through our Lawyer firm NSP & Laws Firm Co., Ltd. They will handle all contracts, form a Thai company for you, make you the director, make private leasing contracts, and do your annual balance sheet and pay the taxes for you. Please contact us for more information.

You are of course free to use which ever law firm, lawyer or accountant you like and trust. 

Returns on your investment

Property and land in Koh Phangan is booming with yearly increases of 15-25% per annum.

Why buy now?

Preconstruction prices could be lower than prices during and on completed project. Prices could rise by 15% to 20% during the construction period. Only the best will do


Thong Nai Pan yai, koh Phangan, Thailand. Un-spoilt, scenic, tranquil, natural beauty, sunsets, laid back atmosphere.  


International building /design standard. Highest quality materials, Designer furnishings, balance of perspective. Attention to detail.


High quality and a secure investment. Personal, professional service built around our clients.


From the outset, Thong Nai Pan Estate infrastructure and conceptual layout was designed with one primary goal in mind; to address the concerns that the majority of owners have.

“Who will look after my investment and what returns will it generate?”

The concept we offer to each owner is our own Property Rental Program.

How does the program work? 

Rental Management

Thong Nai Pan Estate has been designed as a high yield buy to let property investment. The development has its own reception, bar and restaurant area and will be internationally marketed.

The development will enjoy its own booking system and will be marketed internationally by selected agents and tour operators.



We will pride ourselves for providing owners and their guests with the quality and service standards one would expect in any luxury development. Responsible for this will be a team of well trained service personnel including maids, housemen, handymen, gardener and pool maintenance, all under the sharp eye of an experienced manager.



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